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San Francisco, CA

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Our Story

I left a 20-year client-advisory career to try something different. Naturally, I kept getting questions from family and friends and colleagues about their 401ks, their stock options, taxes, estate plans, and a lot more.


It wasn't until a successful, 29-year old, college graduate asked me, "What's a bond?", that I realized our education system was totally failing us in one huge area - fundamental financial education is not taught in high school or college!

They taught us about Napoleon and the battle of Waterloo. They taught us the Pythagorean Theorem (A squared + B squared = C squared). They taught us not to end a sentence with a preposition. They taught us about photosynthesis.


They did not teach us what an ETF is. Or about asset allocation. Or how to think about debt. Or even anything about income taxes. And they definitely did not teach us about 401ks and IRAs and ISOs and NSOs and RSUs and...


And THAT is why Core Financial Education came to be.




20 years advising clients on Investments, Taxes, Banking, Insurance, Stock Options, Estate and Financial Planning


MBA, Cornell University

+ concentration in Investment Management

BA, Economics, California State University

+ minor in International Finance


CFP: Certified Financial Planner™

CAP: Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy

CLU: Chartered Life Underwriter

Former CIMA: Certified Investment Management Analyst