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All courses have the same content as our corporate workshops,

and each takes less than an hour to complete...

Be Your Own CFO

  • THE formula for managing your finances like a CFO manages their company’s​

  • Your 3 S’s: Spending, Servicing Debt, Saving & Investing

  • Impactful spending tactics and effective debt strategies

  • Building and using a Financial Dashboard

Investing Boot Camp

  • Your 2 Saving & Investing priorities

  • Stocks & bonds, mutual funds & ETFs, 401ks & IRAs, traditional & Roth

  • The 3 key investing principles: Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Asset Location

  • 5 steps to designing and managing your own Investment Plan

Employee Stock Options

  • Attributes of employee stock options, both ISOs and NSOs

  • Follow an employee and their options from Grant to IPO

  • Income tax considerations and consequences

  • 3 factors to consider when thinking about your employee stock options

Restricted Stock Units

  • Attributes of restricted stock units (RSUs)

  • Follow an employee and their RSUs from grant to vest to sale of shares

  • Income tax considerations and consequences​​


  • Selling shares at vest vs holding shares after vest

We'll Be Adding More Financial Education Courses Soon!