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Top 10 Questions People Ask

1. “How am I going to pay off my student loans and my credit card debt?”

2. “Will I be able to buy a house someday?”

3. “How do I develop and stick to a budget?”

4. “I shouldn’t contribute to my 401k unless my company matches, right?”

5. “Can I have an IRA if I have a 401k? And what’s a Roth?”

6. “The stock market seems risky, can’t I just keep my savings in cash?”

7. “Who can help me better understand my employee stock options & RSUs?”

8. “Should I pay for a financial planner? What about a robo-advisor?”

9. “Can I do my own taxes, or do I need to hire a CPA?”

10. “Wills, trusts, healthcare directives, life insurance, what estate planning should I do?”

You're asking yourself these questions because you weren't

taught financial fundamentals in high school or college!



Topics We Cover

Student loan & credit card debt, mutual funds & ETFs, 401ks & IRAs, stock options & RSUs, income taxes, wills & trusts, social security, and more...

Dollar Bills
Personal Finance

Be the CFO of your life: effectively manage your spending, servicing debt, and saving & investing.

Income Taxes

Understand taxation, know your way around a 1040 and the common schedules.

Investing 101

Stocks & bonds, ETFs & mutual funds, 401ks & IRAs, and the three must-know investing principles.

Estate Planning

What it means, why you need it, what's involved, and how to get started on yours.

Stock Market Chart
Options & RSUs

What they are, how they work, tax implications, and key considerations to think about.


Key things to think about and steps to take when you’re contemplating retirement.

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